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Join us in reshaping the narrative of luxury fragrances.

We're excited about the prospect of collaborating with retailers who share our passion for inclusivity, sustainability, and cultural representation.

Scent & Fire® is more than a fragrance label; it's a celebration of diversity and wellness, rooted in The Culture. Our commitment is to craft clean, inclusive scents that transcend boundaries and redefine luxury in a modern, inclusive context.

Partnering with Scent & Fire® means aligning with a brand deeply committed to:

Inclusivity and Representation: We believe in crafting scents that resonate with diverse cultures and communities, especially Black culture. Our fragrances celebrate inclusivity, ensuring that everyone finds a piece of themselves in our olfactory narratives.

Sustainability: Embracing sustainability is at the heart of our ethos. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to minimizing environmental impact, we're dedicated to responsible practices every step of the way.

Wellness and Empowerment: Scent & Fire® merges fragrance and wellness, utilizing technology to transform self-care into an empowering journey. Our functional fragrances are designed to elevate your customers' experiences, fostering moments of mindfulness and transformation.

We invite retailers who share our vision to collaborate with us. By stocking Scent & Fire® products on your shelves, you're not just offering fragrances—you're becoming part of a movement that champions diversity, sustainability, and transformative self-care.

Scent & Fire®, where fragrance becomes a vessel for inclusivity, sustainability, and cultural celebration.

For wholesale inquiries and partnership opportunities, please reach out to us at